The Boggie ‘Photoshop’ Music Video – Nouveau Parfum

January 31, 2014

With lyrics censuring industry ideals of beauty, French-Hungarian singer Boggie’s music video depicting the extent of photographic post-processing has attracted over 2 million views in little over a month.

Singer Boggie, real name Csemer Boglarka, appears to be ‘perfected’ throughout the video by Photoshop-like software.

Of course the program used isn’t actually Photoshop and nothing on the market could render those changes in real-time, the music video took eight hours of make-up, hair and lighting changes, with four months in post-production.

It’s a great way to market a good song, but is retouching really any more at fault than model selection, lighting and makeup? After all, that’s how the result in the video was achieved, with some clever digital editing making it appear as though Photoshop was at work.

As a retoucher myself, I love beautiful photography, and part of the process in nearly all cases is post-production, how far is too far?  Have your say below and feel free to share.

20 Years of Photoshop Welcome Screens

December 31, 2009

Note: This retouching blog now exists over at Here is the new link to 20 Years of Photoshop Welcome Screens.

While we wait for CS5 (rumoured to be scheduled for the second quarter of 2010), here’s a look back over 20 years of Adobe Photoshop welcome screens. Every release prior to 6.0 is alien to me, but perhaps those horrendous 90’s splash screens will bring back memories for some of you.

Photoshop version 0.07 Display

Photoshop 0.07 – Display (1988)

Photoshop version 0.87 (1989)

Photoshop version 0.87 (1989)

Adobe Photoshop version 1.07 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 1.07 (1990)

Adobe Photoshop version 2.0.1 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 2.0.1 (1993)

Adobe Photoshop version 3.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 3.0 (1995)

Adobe Photoshop version 4.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 4.0 (1996)

Adobe Photoshop version 5.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 5.0 (1998)

Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 (2000)

Adobe Photoshop version 7.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop version 7.0 (2002)

Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 (2003)

Adobe Photoshop CS2 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop CS2 (2005)

Adobe Photoshop CS3 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop CS3 10.0 (2007)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0 splash screen

Adobe Photoshop CS4 11.0 (2009)

I guess it’s a matter of personal taste, but I think they got it right with CS2. The new Mac OSX–inspired bold primary hued gradients, soft bevels, transparencies and drop shadows seem to be the in thing at the moment (even Microsoft have joined in), but I’m a fan of well used clean white space. The subtle feather design is a vast improvement over the distractingly gaudy CS version.

Perhaps when the fad is over we’ll see a return to a more pleasing aesthetic in the style of CS2 – it’s not that I’m knocking the OSX design of course, CS4’s icons look fantastic in Mac’s dock;

Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Dreamweaver and Flash CS4 - Mac OSX dock

Mac OS CS4 Dock

Oh and happy new year! May it bring us content aware spot healing 🙂

Welcome to my new blog

December 28, 2009

I’ll be regularly updating with news, tutorials and links to photographers, retouchers and digital artists I find inspiring. This blog will be moved at some point soon to my new website, but in the meantime you’ll find me here with those blue side panels that ideally should be #3e5a41. So until I figure out how to change it on a free wordpress blog, just imagine it ok?

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