The Boggie ‘Photoshop’ Music Video – Nouveau Parfum

January 31, 2014

With lyrics censuring industry ideals of beauty, French-Hungarian singer Boggie’s music video depicting the extent of photographic post-processing has attracted over 2 million views in little over a month.

Singer Boggie, real name Csemer Boglarka, appears to be ‘perfected’ throughout the video by Photoshop-like software.

Of course the program used isn’t actually Photoshop and nothing on the market could render those changes in real-time, the music video took eight hours of make-up, hair and lighting changes, with four months in post-production.

It’s a great way to market a good song, but is retouching really any more at fault than model selection, lighting and makeup? After all, that’s how the result in the video was achieved, with some clever digital editing making it appear as though Photoshop was at work.

As a retoucher myself, I love beautiful photography, and part of the process in nearly all cases is post-production, how far is too far?  Have your say below and feel free to share.